The Wild Way Coffee


I met Christine in our time together at Thou Mayest. She had just moved to KC from Austin to be closer to family with the hopes of launching the first coffee camper in the city. This woman worked tirelessly to make her dream happen. So many late nights, trips to Home Depot, trips to Lowe’s when Home Depot didn’t have the part she needed, and vice-versa), actual sweat and tears - you name it, she put her soul into this camper.

FLASH FORWARD - the camper is finished and Christine (and Jon, he needs a shoutout, too!) have built an incredible community in their usual spot at 31st and Gillham in the Union Hill neighborhood of Kansas City. Seriously, check out the tags on Instagram. This is the place to be. The Wild Way Coffee uses 100% local ingredients in their coffee drinks, they have a recycling station, and they pair up with other local businesses like Seven Swans Creperie and Easy as Pie to give their customers an elevated coffee experience.